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Collaboration 2.0: Leaders as Collaborative Strategists

It’s 2009. Let’s all agree- Collaboration is a Social Imperative. Thus, I am delighted to be  one of 20+ contributing writers to the just released publication, 42 Rules for Successful Collaboration What do Cisco, Disney, Toyota, Mindjet, Adminstaff, Joire De Vivre have in common? RULE #29   Use Leaders as Collaborative Strategists 2009, ©Shera R. Sever &

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Social Entrepreneurship- Business Models for a World of Good

Starting my career in the “non-profit” sector over 25 years ago, I’ve always been a huge advocate of social entrepreneurship, and an evangelist for learning and social profit leadership models. I was very encouraged to see Social Entrepreneurship Goes Mainstream as a feature article in last month’s issue of Ode Magazine. Social entrepreneurs are change

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Celebrate Earth Day

We cannot have peace on the Earth, unless we also have peace with the Earth. -Julia Butterfly Hill Earth Day is near and dear to my heart, as I have been involved with sustainability since the early ’70’s working at one of the first recycling centers in the USA in a small community in the

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