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Collaboration 2.0: Leaders as Collaborative Strategists

It’s 2009. Let’s all agree- Collaboration is a Social Imperative. Thus, I am delighted to be  one of 20+ contributing writers to the just released publication, 42 Rules for Successful Collaboration What do Cisco, Disney, Toyota, Mindjet, Adminstaff, Joire De Vivre have in common? RULE #29   Use Leaders as Collaborative Strategists 2009, ©Shera R. Sever &

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How “Green” is Your Business?

One of the upsides of the recession is that more and more ecopreneurs and enterprises are utilizing the power of doing more with less by going “green”. So many in fact, that it leaves those of us who were active in the “ecology movement” of the ’70’s  concerned with  “greenwashed ” marketing. Read what British

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Getting the Right People on the Bus

In the past few weeks, probably like you,  I have received hundreds of messages inviting  me to participate in workshops, teleseminars, meetings and groups for setting intentions this new year. THE AWAKENED ENTREPRENEUR™ These invitations inspired me to create an overarching  theme for the year by declaring this to be “The Year of the Awakened

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