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Social Entrepreneurship- Business Models for a World of Good

Starting my career in the “non-profit” sector over 25 years ago, I’ve always been a huge advocate of social entrepreneurship, and an evangelist for learning and social profit leadership models. I was very encouraged to see Social Entrepreneurship Goes Mainstream as a feature article in last month’s issue of Ode Magazine. Social entrepreneurs are change

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How “Green” is Your Business?

One of the upsides of the recession is that more and more ecopreneurs and enterprises are utilizing the power of doing more with less by going “green”. So many in fact, that it leaves those of us who were active in the “ecology movement” of the ’70’s  concerned with  “greenwashed ” marketing. Read what British

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What I love about the Recession

Earlier this year, I declared that I was not participating in this recession, particularly since I had experienced my own 5- year “karmic cleanse” starting in  2003 ( post 9-11). It’s a much longer story to be shared, so let’s BE HERE NOW. There’s a lot I love about this recession. In many ways, I

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