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These four words have become the pillars in strategic planning meetings, business development, project management, financial planning, and personal action plans. It’s the core inquiry in most small business seminars. It’s a life coach’s mantra.

Malcolm Cohan coined this vision wave: Think It So. He has been the inspiration for hundreds of vision boards, vision videos, and vision stories now seen on You Tube.

Earlier this summer, I added this concept in my workshops for new and small business owners, and professionals in career transition. Parents and teens love it too!

These INTRODUCTORY EVES to Vision Coaching™ utilize a synthesis of powerful techniques designed to access clarity and the truth within you and a vision of what you want to create in your life.

The outcome is a beautiful vision canvas- a map to keep you on track, on purpose, and a daily visual reminder that intention and attention are powerful elements of manifestation.

So what’s your vision? What lights you up? What makes you come alive? What do you truly love?
How are you expressing your passions in life?

Come join us! It’s fun, engaging, exciting.