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Is your business social?

What IS a Social Business? Social Businesses believe that the achievement of meaningful change and evolution must consider people and processes as well as technology and platforms.  It is NOT social media- rather it’s what I call Organizational Development 2.0. The Difference Between Social Business and Social Media: Social Media are the platforms and technologies

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Social Media & Your Career: 50 Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers

This fantastic resource has been circulating the internet on blogs, career development and job boards, and Linked-In.  If you are not using Social Media as part of your job search strategy, I invite you to contact me today for a complimentary career development consultation on how to accelerate your search with Social Media.  Remember 80%

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Creating Value Relationships with LinkedIn

Building communities through social networking and social PR is the new marketing.  It’s no longer about WIFM, but rather, what’s in it for WE. In addition to being a powerful social networking tool for B2B partnerships and even B2C, Linked In is rapidly becoming the recruiters tool of choice.  Now, you can search and follow companies,

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