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Dancing with Transition- Holiday Greetings!

Happy Holidays! What a wonderful time of year for giving and receiving, sharing love and reNEWal! If you survived the last 3-6 months with your sense of humor still intact, take a moment now to CONGRATULATE yourself for your amazing navigation and accepting “what is” skills. A friend recently shared this wonderful reminder with me:

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The Secret behind the Secret: Abraham & Esther Hicks

It was May, 1999. I was about to go into major surgery. To prepare myself,  I had committed to engage in a  firewalk (Tony Robbins style) and carpooled with a fellow adventurer, Michel Ginoulhac, VP of the Organic Wine Company, to idyllic Sonoma Valley. It was our first meeting and one of immense synchronicity. We

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What’s Your Passion?

What’s Your Passion? Discovering What Makes You Come Alive! Let’s face it. There is no Secret. The word is out. If you can think it, believe it, and FEEL it, you can achieve it. Intention is the conscious choice to create- passion is the fuel. Your results will always match your true intentions. When we

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