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Collaboration 2.0: Leaders as Collaborative Strategists

It’s 2009. Let’s all agree- Collaboration is a Social Imperative. Thus, I am delighted to be  one of 20+ contributing writers to the just released publication, 42 Rules for Successful Collaboration What do Cisco, Disney, Toyota, Mindjet, Adminstaff, Joire De Vivre have in common? RULE #29   Use Leaders as Collaborative Strategists 2009, ©Shera R. Sever &

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Good to Great Leadership

I recently introduced Jim Collins’ Leadership Diagnostic tool in a Leadership Seminar for Non-Profit Executives. The participants response was very positive and the results were stellar for designing new organizational development plans and leadership strategies. Whether you’re leading a community group, social profit, or a senior management team, Jim Collins has created a beautiful leadership

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Getting the Right People on the Bus

In the past few weeks, probably like you,  I have received hundreds of messages inviting  me to participate in workshops, teleseminars, meetings and groups for setting intentions this new year. THE AWAKENED ENTREPRENEUR™ These invitations inspired me to create an overarching  theme for the year by declaring this to be “The Year of the Awakened

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