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Creating Cultures of EngagemenMulti-Ethnic Group of People in a Meeting Looking Upt


 “70% of employees are disengaged, leading to low productivity, lack of innovation and sense of well-being

only 8% of people strongly agree that they experience overall well-being because of their work.”

~Gallup, 2013


What do collaboration and engagement look like in your organization?



We provide leading edge tools, metholodgies and consulting in:

Leadership Development *People Skills & Communications * Change Management 

*Executive Coaching   *Instructional Design *e-learning * Blending Learning


We partner with CEO’s, VP’s and Senior Managers to:

Align organizational culture, mission, vision and values with Talent Management, Leadership &  Development initiatives.

Assess, Expand, Revise and Re-brand learning organizations’ corporate university and professional development curriculum.

Increase Employee Engagement with Leadership & Communication Competencies essential in the 2020 Workplace.

Build Brand Loyalty with customer-centric communication and service.

Design and Conduct Needs & Gap Analysis & Assessments: 360 LEADERSHIP, DiSC®, MBTI, EQ, SQ, et. al.


We design and deliver customized live and virtual training courses

 Topics include (2 hours-4 days in duration)

The Mindful Leader: Leadership is an Inside Job

Talent Management: Recruiting, Interviewing, On Boarding, Career Pathing & Job Crafting

Building Trust with Conversations That Matter

Collaborative Leadership ~ Moving from Me to We

The DNA of Teamwork

Best Practices for Engaging and Motivating Virtual, Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Project Teams

High Impact Performance Improvement Coaching


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42 Rules for Successful Collaboration

succcess_collab_book_3dA Practical Approach to Working with People, Processes and Technology

(Sheryl “Shera” Sever, contributing author)

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