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Are you longing for a deep conversation with your heart and soul?



Life is what happens to us when we ‘re busy making plans. Even the best life planning and life design can go awry with a sudden jolt.   Have you recently experienced a series of challenges and changes in your life? Illness, loss of loved one, loss of job, home, relocation, divorce, separation, or other seemingly overwhelming shifts?

Have you found yourself in one of life’s valleys? Do you feel you are on a detour without a map? Do you need a compass for your soul?  Are you longing to return to meaning and purpose in your life and excavate your deepest dreams?

Congratulations. . . you’re in the right place!



I understand the fears, confusion, anxiety, stress, overwhelm.  The feeling small, the hiding, the shame, the judgement and comparisons.  And there is a way out- the way out is, at first, IN. Then gaining the support you need from a coach, a shaman, a guide. Those who have been there and knows what it’s like to feel anything but good!  Someone who can take your hand and compassionately accompany you on your path to clarity, peace, self-love, vision and renewal!



Offering Small Group and 1:1 sessions


The seed for my new book holds the content of my own heroine’s journey which includes 30 years of consciousness and wellness practices, entrepreneurship, retreats, pilgrimages, world travel and many, many detours.  These experiences allow me to offer a rich synthesis of tools to guide you on your own hero/heroines’ journey.

My approach includes a rich synthesis of:

Co-Active Coaching * NVC – Non-Violent Communication *  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)* Grounding Exercises,  Guided Visualizations- many processes & techniques

NLP- Time Line Work * Feminine Wisdom * Journaling * Shadow Work (Debbie Ford, et. al.)* The Work (Byron Katie) * Conversations with Trusted Source

*Movement, Meditation & Yoga * Inner Child & Recovery Work * The Enneagram, Astrology & so much more.



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My professional coaching approach draws upon the teachings of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, the Coaches Training Institute, 21st Century Leadership Institute, Dream University, The Life Purpose Institute, N.V.C. , N.L.P, and nearly 30 years of consciousness studies and mind, body, spirit practices. I am a life long learner, inspired by the unlimited potential inherent in each human being, and passionate about helping others create fulfilling, joyful, contributing life.

Some of my key mentors/influences include: Peter Senge, Jim Collins, William Bridges, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Byron Katie, Ariel Ford, Debra Ford, Gabriel Roth, Lynne Twist, Ariel Spillsbury, Keith Ferazzi, Michael Gerber, Randy Revell, Marshall Rosenberg,  Thich Nhat Han, Jack Kornfield,  Mantak Chia,  and Mary Magdalene.

I  recommend a minimum of 10 sessions  over a 3-month period.  In person is an option, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, otherwise by phone or Skype.  There will be reading and journaling assignments each week.  Expect a minimum of 2 hours of personal work a week, in order to experience a shift. 

I offer 24/7 e-mail support and many exercises and practices based on my own soul journey,  thousands of hours of continuing education and personal development work over 30 years.   At this time, I only take on 5 private coaching clients a month, so that I can give exceptional attention to guiding  your transformation.


90 days, includes 24/7 e-mail support

Three  one- hour sessions per month – Total $1797

Payment Plans available

Click here or call 415.713.7727 to schedule your complimentary discovery session.


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