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Is your business social?

What IS a Social Business? Social Businesses believe that the achievement of meaningful change and evolution must consider people and processes as well as technology and platforms.  It is NOT social media- rather it’s what I call Organizational Development 2.0. The Difference Between Social Business and Social Media: Social Media are the platforms and technologies

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Social Media & Your Career: 50 Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers

This fantastic resource has been circulating the internet on blogs, career development and job boards, and Linked-In.  If you are not using Social Media as part of your job search strategy, I invite you to contact me today for a complimentary career development consultation on how to accelerate your search with Social Media.  Remember 80%

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What do YOU do for a living? Make A Change -Create a Movement

In one of my past blog posts on business models,  I cited Seth Godin and his book: Tribes- We Need You to Lead Us! Tribes are everywhere,and thanks to the internet, we can find who and what we want to connect with: Work tribes, community tribes, spiritual tribes ,Ukranian dancers. . . According to Seth

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