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Self- Mastery: Julie & Julia did it . .. so can you!

I’m sure many of you have seen Julie & Julia, the film with master actress, Meryl Streep, starring in  possibly one of her very best roles as Julia Child. Streep so rightly earned the Golden Globe Awards for best actress a few nights ago. And we saw the character of Julie Powell (Amy Adams), offering

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2010- Welcoming a New Decade: Reorientation and New Directions

In 2010, anything you desire strongly will manifest quickly. We have a chance to reorient ourselves, bring our wishes into manifestation and truly assert what we want to be. We are literally dreaming our new realities into being. The more creative we are in dealing with what has held us back in the old consciousness,

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How do you keep a positive mindset? New FREE- e-book

I’ve been a member of  publisher Dave Riflan’s  Self Growth Community for over a year now. He/we just published  a new e-book: “How to Survive & Thrive During the Economic Crisis” I contributed to several sections including “How Do You Keep a Positive Mindset” A few of my tips: Turn off the news-or choose Good

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