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Redefining Business Success in 2015

In our “business as usual” world, what does it mean to be successful? The critical question could be more like “What definition of success is personally meaningful to me?”   As any of us engage in this inquiry, we may ask ourselves to clarify what we need and want, and how that equates to our definition

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Awakening Entrepreneurs™ & the “Slow Money” Movement

The Slow Money movement had their first national conference in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago.  Over 400 people from around the country showed up to discuss the concepts around slow money, slow food and small, local farms. The slow money movement has its roots in local, organic and sustainable farming.  But it is part

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Anonymous Giving

This past week has been a wonderful reminder of how good it feels to GIVE, and even more so, to do it, anonymously. One of the communities that I am part of hosts an annual gathering on Dec. 24 in Sonoma County, CA. In addition to healthy, organic food and chocolate, we participate in a

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