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Intentions? Commit and Do It!

Commit and Do It! Action is the anecdote to despair– Joan Baez In the past few days, I’ve been reading hundreds of posts, messages with warm new year ‘s wishes along with workshop and seminar offerings focused on intentions, resolutions, manifesting miracles, etc. etc. for the New Year. Yet, how many of us have spent

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Are you participating in the recession?

What we focus on expands.  Are you going to let this recession determine your fate?    Now is not the time to retreat, recoil or recede. It’s time to move forward with more confidence and certainty than ever with 100% participation! – John Asaraf Focus on the  possibilities, opportunties,  what’ s needed.  How can you

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Marketing Makeover- Writing a Bio

In my work with solo-preneurs and consultants,  the mantra I most frequently hear from the , “I don’t know how to market myself”. The most important element in any marketing message is authenticity. Commitment to your intention and authenticity in your message builds trust and retains clients. About Us- The Bio: Interestingly enough, I have

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