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Trust and Credibility

Why do some projects falls short, while others soar to great success?  Why are some business relationships tainted with conflict, while others are smooth, fun, easy, and profitable? According to Stephen N.B. Covey- it’s all about TRUST. In his most recent book, The Speed of Trust, Covey builds a strong case for TRUST as the

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Communicating Value

Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given”- Deepak Chopra Earlier this spring, I accepted an invitation to attend PJ Van Hulle’s Prosperity Summit. It was just what I needed- an investment in myself and learning alongside 300+ motivated and committed entrepreneurs. One of the many treasures from the summit

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Entrepreneurship: Finding your “Sweet Spot”

Where do your gifts, passions, and purpose intersect? Dave Pollard calls this the “Sweet Spot” of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship need not be stressful, risky, expensive, lonely, exhausting or require great skills, ideas or self-confidence.  Right now, when the economy is falling apart, is the best possible time to start your own enterprise, and doing so could

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