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2015- TIme for Long Term Vision

Joyous Holiday Greetings to All! In order to align, recalibrate, and better serve, I’m preparing for a digital detox~ aka~ a 10- day silent meditation retreat. I’ll be back on-line Jan. 3, 2015. I am deeply grateful to be in service with you receiving each day the wonderful gifts of creation, collaboration, learning, beauty, and

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Vibrant Inner Ecology = Healthier, Greener Economy

What’s Inner Ecology? It’s inner balance, clarity,  & motivation. It’s personal integrity. It’s an alignment of your desires and life purpose. How’s Your Inner Ecology? Is it time for a tune-up? Do you need a grounding chord, a compass, or a new lens? Are you in transition? Are you ready to reinvent yourself? Through March

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Igniting the Spark: Excavate, Express, Engage

Our purpose is the foundation of our life. Our mission is an expression of our purpose. Real success is to do more for the world than the world does for you. When coaching business owners and professionals, I help my clients excavate their purpose and mission, release limiting beliefs, and develop  compelling, inspiring congruent messages

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