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The Leadership Challenge

Last night I felt it, and I am sure you did, too! As Michael Moore writes in his post today, “we have experienced a stunning, whopping, landslide of HOPE in a time of deep despair.” One my mentors, James Kouzes, laid out a seemingly simple, yet powerful leadership model and evaluation tool for personal and

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What’s Special about Writers?

“We have the ability to go within our hearts and give what we discover (there) a voice”, said internationally acclaimed author, Gay Hendricks , keynote speaker at the San Francisco Writers for Change Conference. Gay Hendricks announced at the conference that Five Wishes will be his last book. He will now committ his knowledge, expertise,

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Writing for Change- San Francisco- Aug 16-17

In May, I attended the Book Expo of America in Los Angeles, where along with many authors and publishers, I met Tyson Miller, Director of the Green Press Initiative, and Julie Salisbury, world traveler and self-published author now happily settled in British Columbia.     Julie Salisbury, founder of InspireABook  and I  will be presenting “Transform Yourself from

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