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Mastering the Art of Living ~ the Leadership Principles of Burning Man

Many of my friends and colleagues are returning from a week plus from the greatest interactive art installation show on Earth, Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada. Or as may be more accurately described in this beautiful video: an experiment in social living with some of the most creative beings in the world. Like the

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Awakening Entrepreneurs™ & the “Slow Money” Movement

The Slow Money movement had their first national conference in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago.  Over 400 people from around the country showed up to discuss the concepts around slow money, slow food and small, local farms. The slow money movement has its roots in local, organic and sustainable farming.  But it is part

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Social Entrepreneurship- Business Models for a World of Good

Starting my career in the “non-profit” sector over 25 years ago, I’ve always been a huge advocate of social entrepreneurship, and an evangelist for learning and social profit leadership models. I was very encouraged to see Social Entrepreneurship Goes Mainstream as a feature article in last month’s issue of Ode Magazine. Social entrepreneurs are change

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