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Anonymous Giving

This past week has been a wonderful reminder of how good it feels to GIVE, and even more so, to do it, anonymously. One of the communities that I am part of hosts an annual gathering on Dec. 24 in Sonoma County, CA. In addition to healthy, organic food and chocolate, we participate in a

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The Story of Stuff

Producer Annie Leonard, along with the Tides Foundation and an impressive list of NGO’s have done a terrific job at synthesizing a very complex reality in this revealing movie. For all my colleagues who are educators, how can we promote and incorporate this into our middle school and high school curricula? I believe this could

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What is your Desired Outcome?

Even if you’re sitting on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rogers Like many clients I have worked with, I am a Personality Type Seven in the Enneagram System meaning, I like to keep my options open. In Northern California, some call this “going with the flow”, and

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