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Creating Cultures of Engagement- What motivates your people?

Like many organizational consultants and coaches, I’m passionate about motivating the human heart and activating the human spirit in order for teams and organizations to achieve BIG Goals.   After 25 years of recruiting, training, mentoring large teams of volunteers as well as delivering hundreds of leadership workshops on Engaging Your People, here is what

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Creating Engagement: It’s not about the money, honey

With increasing opportunities and demand for top talent, employee disengagement is at an all time high, costing U.S. organizations over $300 B per year (according to Gallup’s conservative estimate). The average cost of losing and replacing an employee is equal to 2-3 times their annual salary. Deloitte LLP states that one-third of working Americans say

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Reclaiming Conversation- The Next Frontier

Reclaiming Conversation- The Next Frontier: Transforming A Culture of Distraction to A Culture of Engagement The internet is still in the very early days. Not that long ago, we were trying to figure out how to keep computers busy. Now, they keep us busy.  We are the computers’ “killer apps”  We text each other at

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