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Collaboration 2.0: Leaders as Collaborative Strategists

It’s 2009. Let’s all agree- Collaboration is a Social Imperative. Thus, I am delighted to be  one of 20+ contributing writers to the just released publication, 42 Rules for Successful Collaboration What do Cisco, Disney, Toyota, Mindjet, Adminstaff, Joire De Vivre have in common? RULE #29   Use Leaders as Collaborative Strategists 2009, ©Shera R. Sever &

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The Gratitude Scan- Bringing it to Work

Are you feeling tired with the constant gloomy news in the media? I hope by now, you have turned off your TV! It’s a constricted lens that complains about all the things we don’t have or all the problems in our life.  But as my reader, you’re bigger than that- right?! The Gratitude Scan I’ve

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The Leadership Challenge

Last night I felt it, and I am sure you did, too! As Michael Moore writes in his post today, “we have experienced a stunning, whopping, landslide of HOPE in a time of deep despair.” One my mentors, James Kouzes, laid out a seemingly simple, yet powerful leadership model and evaluation tool for personal and

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