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Reclaiming Our Voice

Anytime we go into a situation, no matter what our external equipment/resources, we must be clear about who we are and why we are here. You disconnect from the aspect of your power, when you don’t know your history. Information is power. Evolution is life producing and life sustaining. A system that is maladapted for

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Reclaiming Conversation- The Next Frontier

Reclaiming Conversation- The Next Frontier: Transforming A Culture of Distraction to A Culture of Engagement The internet is still in the very early days. Not that long ago, we were trying to figure out how to keep computers busy. Now, they keep us busy.  We are the computers’ “killer apps”  We text each other at

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Earth Day, 2011- The Evolution is On – Are YOU?

It’s Spring, and there is, most assuredly,  something NEW in the air! Life as we know it,  has changed. Many concur that we are in possibly the greatest paradigm shift in the history of human kind. With EarthDay, 2011 upon us, what commitment can you make (in your personal practices, with your business, and in

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