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2010- Welcoming a New Decade: Reorientation and New Directions

In 2010, anything you desire strongly will manifest quickly. We have a chance to reorient ourselves, bring our wishes into manifestation and truly assert what we want to be. We are literally dreaming our new realities into being. The more creative we are in dealing with what has held us back in the old consciousness,

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Good News- We Have a Crisis!

I have been a member of the Center for Creative Leadership community for over 10 years. With their permission, I am reposting a recent article by David Hurst from the CCL Leading Effectively e-Newsletter. The recession isn’t over and, even if it is, the recovery won’t be pretty. That’s the general consensus, so even if

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Good to Great Leadership

I recently introduced Jim Collins’ Leadership Diagnostic tool in a Leadership Seminar for Non-Profit Executives. The participants response was very positive and the results were stellar for designing new organizational development plans and leadership strategies. Whether you’re leading a community group, social profit, or a senior management team, Jim Collins has created a beautiful leadership

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