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Trust and Credibility

Why do some projects falls short, while others soar to great success?  Why are some business relationships tainted with conflict, while others are smooth, fun, easy, and profitable? According to Stephen N.B. Covey- it’s all about TRUST. In his most recent book, The Speed of Trust, Covey builds a strong case for TRUST as the

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A Culture of Learning: Turning Values into Action

I am working on the development of a 16 -week on-line High Performance Human Resources Management course for one of my clients. Initially, a two- day seminar which I developed in 2007 for the CARAT Executive Leadership Institute, this course emphasizes the synergistic systems inherent in  talent management, retention, learning, and overall organizational effectiveness and

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Oprah’s classroom: "Awakening to Your Purpose" with Eckert Tolle

Back in 2002, I swayed in a hammock along the Bays of Hueltulco (in Southern Mexico) and read Eckert Tolle’s The Power of Now , five times! I was in a mental obsessive state and found myself at peace after my “conversations” with Mr. Tolle. In 2005, he released “The New Earth, Awakening to Your

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