A Grounding Chord for Your Vision

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ~ Peter Drucker

Are you a social entrepreneur, a changemaker, a solutionary with a strong calling to do good in the world?

You have a vision, the heart, and the smarts. Now what you need is a grounding chord and implementation team, and some damn good content.  That’s where we come in. .  . offering you  time-saving strategies and 20+ years of resources and experience that will save you years from sweating on the proverbial tread mill.

The New Economy calls for businesses with the values of a non-profit and the innovation of a start-up.


 Every Changemaker Business Needs a Grounding Chord for their Vision.

That’s what we provide!

Strong, Inspiring, Potent Consultations, Solid Coaching, and Business Development Models

propelling you forward, focused and revitalized with:

A Resilient Inner Economy

How abundant is your mind set?  How healthy is your inner economy~your beliefs, values, clarity of purpose and vision?  What are your daily rituals? Using a synthesis of many techniques, we will remove any of the “inner” messages/beliefs that prevent you from staying committed to your vision and achieving your goals.

Accountability and Credibility

Complete this statement~ If I were to take just 10% more responsibility for my  business, I would. . . ( insert action).

All success (credibility) starts with taking 100% total personal responsibility and accountability. Having a coach and a mastermind group are two winning accountability strategies. Who are your accountability partners?

Value-Based Proposition

Why  (the benefits of doing business with you) and How (the features of your business- how you deliver value). What do you offer? What’s your value? What need do you fulfill? What do people pay you to do? What problem do you solve?

shutterstock_111103529Your Story

What’s your personal branding “story”? The one you tell. . . and the one influencers tell about you. Why do you do what you do? This is one of the most powerful ways to authentically and emotionally connect with those seeking your  offerings.  What do you do better than anyone else? How did you get here?  What were the lessons and challenges?   How do you communicate this?


 Who are your ideal clients? How do you attract and retain them? What are your clients thinking, doing, saying and buying? The number 1 criteria to having a business is having clients.


Your business is a network of relationships. How do you build them? How do to keep them? These relationships are the lifestream of your business.

20150722192612-social-media-tablet-ladySocial Marketing

  • The Best Social Media Strategy for your Business

  • Social Networks and Community Building

  • Blogging platforms and content strategy

  • E-zine development and article marketing

  • Teleseminar & Webinar Design  and Set-Up

  • Creating & Managing your YouTube Channel

  • V-Blog Scripts


Who is on your team?Who are your strategic partners?  Who’s got your back? How engaged are your employees and clients? And what’s  in it for WE!

Business Plan

You have a few minutes to make an unforgettable, stellar impression. Can I see your one-page business plan? I help you create an unforgettable one-page summary.

Productivity and Organizing Systems

Often times the biggest challenge that PRECEDES PROFIT, CLIENT ATTRACTION, and EFFECTIVE MARKETING is lack of

operational systems
productivity optimization
time management
office organization
client follow-up

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“If you’re afraid of something, of putting yourself out there, of creating a kind of connection or a promise, that’s a clue that you’re on the right track. Go, do that.” ~Seth Godin




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