Ask Shera: weekly calls to resume Oct. 2017

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Inquiry, suggestions, recommendations and resources for leaders, business owners, change agents, game changers, professionals in transition, and curious Human Beings.

Next Call: October, 2017 (TBD)

Call in number: 712.775.7035       Access Code: 548916#

TOPIC:   Transition Games™: Letting Go of The Need to Know. Join the call. 

Please bring along a question regarding career/life/relationship challenge, a deep longing,  goal  or desire, and openness to share a limiting belief or fear.


By donation (based on principles of the gift economy),  I will have a call in line for new and existing clients to call in and ask me a question related to their business, career, property, relationships, or general life perplexities. To make a donation, simply go to PAYPAL and send contribution  to user:

This is an experiment. Drawing upon many years of experience, intuition, study and practice in consciousness, spirituality, health, wellness, leadership, business ingenuity, consulting, coaching, teaching, communications, and life’s valleys and peaks, I invite you to join a conversation, ask a question, or just call in to listen.

I will refine weekly topics and  content  in the coming months

Come share a bit of your heart, mind, and soul.


Past calls have included questions such as: 

I’m a small business owner with 7 employees. Do I need HR Policies and Procedures?  What are the laws on paying  overtime?

Is this the right time to start my own business?

What CRM systems can you recommend?

What’s the best web platform to use?

How much can I expect to pay for a new website?

How do I go about getting a domain name?

How can I negotiate a salary increase?

What should I include in my resume?

Should I be leading webinars?

I don’t understand Google Hangouts; can you explain?

What’s all this joint venture talk about?

How do I measure ROI on social media?

I’m having a hard time changing a habit.

Should I sell my home and relocate?

Where’s the best place to find a used car?

I need to change my diet. Any recommendations?

I want to bring more feminine energy into my life.  How can i go about this?

Can you give me some suggestions to help me focus?

I’m single and want some tips for attracting my dream partner.

I want to be living more sustainably and I would like my clients and colleagues do the same.

I’m interested in exploring new forms of meditation.  Any suggestions?

I’m having  a hell of a time navigating the medical system in California.

How can I improve my communications skills and relationships?

I’m considering in investing in co-op housing? What would my first steps be?

Where is God?






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