Staying Aligned in Uncertain Times

Let’s face it. We are living in unprecedented times. The velocity of change, the demands of technology are pulling all of us our of our comfort zone.  And that is where the magic happens.

I am reposting this from December 2013. These practices are for anybody committed to stepping into playing full out. Leadership starts with your personal practices and daily habits.

Shera’s Formula for Staying Aligned in Uncertain Times:

(you can focus on one of these per month, until it becomes a newly formed habit)

1. Drink lots of water- and first thing in the morning ~ add fresh lemon

2. Keep your diet as akaline as possible- (that means limit/eliminate: meat, coffee, alcohol, sugar). Eat live, organic foods. Invest in Superfoods. Check out

3. Maintain a daily practice: yoga, meditation, and movement-a 30-minute brisk walk in the morning has much more immediate benefits than years of therapy

4. Facilitate and Engage in Essential Dialogs. Join a women’s or men ‘s circle . True authenticity comes from uncompromised honesty while being witnessed in supportive containers.

5. Be curious and inclusive. Expand your sense of what community is or could be. Take time to look in someone’s eyes ..find out who and how they really are- move beyond “Great” or “I’m fine”. Remember our most fundamental spiritual need as human beings is the desire for authentic mutual recognition.

6. Perform what I call the “karmic root canals” often. Get to the absolute core of any limiting belief that is not the Truth of Who you Are. Use Access Consciousness, EFT, Heartmath, and all other tools you have available to you.

7. Practice Kindness, Be Vulnerable, Share Compassion- Steer Clear of Judgments, Criticism, & Gossip.

8. Actively listen twice as much as you speak. Ask yourself, “How can I serve this person?

9. Forgive yourself and others often.

10. Give stuff away! Share a lot, especially your heart. (Check out Elegant Organization at

11. Affirm feelings of gratitude everyday.

12. Breathe in Love . . .Breathe out Fear. Smile Inside. You’ll feel better.