Living in the Present: Wisdom 2.0 2015

Founded by Soren Gordhamer, Wisdom 2.0 addresses one of the greatest challenges of business leaders today: how to maintain human, compassionate connections while navigating the velocity of the  information age  in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, our communities, our workplaces and the world at large?w21

Indicative of the Renaissance we are all experiencing,  Wisdom 2.0 is a very well-planned conference offering keynote speakers, breakout sessions,  sprinkled with yoga and meditation breaks and an Inspiration Village featuring products and services that support mindful leadership, compassion, and wisdom in business and beyond.  What makes the conference a success are the attendees, the conversations, and the realization that business as usual has become quite unusual. People matter, Conversations matter, You Matter!

Wisdom 2.0 is much more than a 21st century leadership, business and technology conference.  It’s consciousness evolutionary movement that gives voice to what many of us have been longing for in our professional lives.   What’s possible when we bring mindfulness into living purposeful lives, becoming the heart of humanity, and creating a transformation in the workplace that positively impacts our  communities?  I’m sharing below a few of the presentations that had the most impact on me. I welcome your comments and thoughts below.

What’s Love Got to Do with It, Konda Mason, Hub Impact Oakland, Executive Director

“Oakland’s export is The Collective Consciousness of Equity & Social Justice”

Telling a Different Story: Brandon Stanton

“10,000 conversations with strangers that moved from fear to intimacy and trust. I’m looking for the story that is unique to YOU. ”

Compassion as the Radicalism of Our Times, Roshi, Joan Halifax

“Compassion is a sane, healthy, collaborative radical necessity. It’s not religious business. It is human business. It is essential for human survival and the survival of all species. I want you to disrupt complacency, and engage compassion. Vow now to Act.


Mindfulness in Business, Chade Meng Tan, Google Jolly Good Fellow

“Wise and Compassionate Leaders Create the Conditions for World Peace.

Lessons in Conscious Business: Jeff Weiner, Fred Kofman, Soren Gordhamer

Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. It’s a sense of purpose that unifies our organization. 

There are more powerful, inspirational messages from Bryon Katie, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Eileen Fisher and many others at Wisdom 2.0 2015.

You can view them here.