Are you ready for the 2020 Workplace?

The workplace of the future is being shaped by Web 2.0 with a collection of breakthrough social media technologies and by the Millennial Generation (those born between 1977-97). The convergence of these emerging workplace trends has created a generation of hyper connected workers who are placing increased pressure on companies to overhaul their approach to talent management.

What is the 2020 Global Workplace?workplace2020

1. It’s Global– with key countries in the brick part of the world: Brazil, Russia, India & China. The focus is on Increased Productivity, Collaboration, and  Speed of Innovation.

2. It’s Age Diverse: By the year 2020 there will be 5 generations working side by side rather than the 4 generations we see today. When you have 5 generations in the workplace, you need to understand what motivates your people, how they communicate, and how they actually see work and career in the broader spectrum on their life. Work life flexibility will replace work life balance.

3. It’s Hyper Connected: Young professionals prefer communicating via social media. Emerging trend is an increased creation for internal Social Networks for collaboration and communication with one’s peers around the world.

4. It’s Social: Recruiting will move from the college campus to social networks. Reputation capital will be the way one hires and promotes. New jobs will require a certain number of followers on Twitter, Linked in and other sites. Key Business Strategy question is : How is one using their social network to increase business and impact productivity?

5. It’s collaborative: Training will include On Line group mentoring where millenials can often mentor a senior executive. Corporate classrooms will exist on the i-pad creating their own versions of  3-D experiences. Your mobile device will become your classroom, your office and your information/resource hub.  Social Media literacy & training  in 2020 will be as common as diversity and ethics training is today. Diversity will become a business strategy rather than an HR imperative.

6. It’s transparent: Internal Communications: Most CEO’s should or will have their own blog. Crisis communication, marketing communication, and internal communication will start on a social network and elaborated upon through intranets. Corporate participation in social networks may be as critical in the 2020 Workplace as managing cash flow.  Social Networks will be the first point of contact where employees receive  information. The lines between marketing, training, & communications will blur.

The world of work is changing faster than ever.  The 2020 mindset requires thriving in a networked world incorporating abilities in social participation, thinking globally, ubiquitous life-long learning, and cross cultural fluency.  What is your talent management plan for the 2020 workplace?

Big thank you to Jean Meister, co-author of the 2020 Workplace, for the insights, research, and inspiration.