Creating Engagement: It’s not about the money, honey

With increasing opportunities and demand for top talent, employee disengagement is at an all time high, costing U.S. organizations over $300 B per year (according to Gallup’s conservative estimate).

The average cost of losing and replacing an employee is equal to 2-3 times their annual salary. Deloitte LLP states that one-third of working Americans say they will try to find a new job as the economy continues to improve
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So how do you retain  and motivate your best people to contribute to your enterprises’ productivity with focus, creativity, and commitment.

It’s easier than you think. . .AND

It’s not about the money, honey!

Workplace research studies increasingly support that monetary rewards are NOT the number one driver for employee/volunteer engagement.

So what is?

It all starts with TRUST.

Want to know more? I’ll be posting more on Trust And Engagement later this week, so please do come back for a visit.

And for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will be presenting my “Creating Cultures of Engagement” workshop at the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce State Wide Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 14.