Creating Cultures of Engagement- What motivates your people?

Like many organizational consultants and coaches, I’m passionate about motivating the human heart and activating the human spirit in order for teams and organizations to achieve BIG Goals.  


After 25 years of recruiting, training, mentoring large teams of volunteers as well as delivering hundreds of leadership workshops on Engaging Your People, here is what I have uncovered and re-discovered to be the Top Engagement Drivers.

Top Employee (and Volunteer)  Engagement Drivers:

Understanding what motivates your people – Take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. You want to focus on levels 3, 4 and 5. 

Personal Development:  which includes autonomy,  creativity, and problem-solving,

Sense of Belonging- we all need to feel we have a place here.

Connection with a bigger cause and alignment with the organization’s  mission –

Create a sense of common purpose around the goals of the organization, the team, and the projects. It is your job as a leader to help align others’ personal mission with the bigger picture (cause/mission) of your organization.  Your people need to be able to answer WHY?  



Providing On-Going Feedback: Don’t wait for the antiquated annual performance reviews. Rather have on-going two-way feedback and dialog beyond standard meetings. Make your feedback sincere, specific, immediate, and personalized.

Peer Recognition-Find opportunities to recognize your people beyond management. One way to do this is by creating a company wide  social enterprise networking forum for collaborative solutions sharing, dialog, and peer recognition.

Make weekly “informal” check-ins part of your culture: Ask the people you lead and manage on a weekly basis:  How are you doing? How is the team doing?  How can I help?

Sustain sense of community and excitement- This is built into the mission. When your people adopt your cuasue

Build Trust- Who trusts you?  Who do you trust? How do you build and sustain TRUST?

Trust IS the number ONE engagement driver. Visit this link for a free assessment of your own personal TRUST score. 

I’ll be sharing more about TRUST as the #1 leadership competency in upcoming posts. In the meantime, visit this link for a free assessment of your own personal TRUST score.