Renewing Your Vision: Spring is Here!

Today is the Vernal Equinox~ a moment of perfect balance with an  equal amount of glowing-handsdaylight and nightsky.  Astronomers call it the most important day of the year.  As Spring begins to dawn in the Northern Hemisphere a new season is born, allowing the seed-possibilities of your dreams to be planted in the fertile soil of your imagination!

“Imagination is greater than knowledge”, said Einstein.  Our thoughts create our reality. Our words  are powerful tools of manifestation.

Now is the perfect time to revisit your 2013  goals, resolutions, vision boards, good intentions and determinations and ask yourself:

Am I on track?  Did you commit to a new exercise or self-care regime perhaps with an initial 90-day challenge? Or maybe  you decided to learn a new skill this year?  Did you enroll in the class?  How are you doing?  Recognize and congratulate yourself for your efforts thus far.

What Needs Adjustment?  Achieving our visions requires focus, commitment and often times  changing our beliefs or the ways we have been doing certain things in order for a shift to occur. What less than optimal habits and patterns are still holding you back from stepping up and playing full out this year?

Where do I need support?  Life responds to commitment  and action.   Change requires consistent action, effort, and focus. Consider joining (or even starting) a mastermind group, enroll in a course or hire a coach to help you see the blind spots, shift the limiting beliefs and take massive action this year.  Reach for the stars this spring!

Feeling a bit sluggish after a long winter?  Here are some Spring Renewal suggestions and simple practices that I offer my clients:

Do a cleanse. Eliminate sugar, wheat, dairy, coffee, alcohol and meat from your diet for 10-30 days. Why a cleanse? It releases toxins, allows for clearer thinking, refreshed energy, and better decision making.There are many products to help with cleansing, along with raw food and juice cleanses.   One of my favorites is The Master Cleanse, which I will be starting in a few days.

Your home:  I love helping clients organize their homes and offices.  Rearranging furniture with the seasons is a great and fun practice.  Recycle old magazines, files, and  papers. Empty a junk drawer, organize a closet. Donate clothes and shoes you no longer wear, utensils and appliances you no longer use, books you have read or won’t.  Give your home a deep cleaning

Your Office: Create new systems that are energizing, nor draining.  Start and end your day with a clean, paper-free desk surface. Use on-line calendars, task lists, and project managers.  Pay your bills on-line. Open your mail as it arrives. Get up from the computer every hour to walk, stretch, and breathe!

Your Business: Spring is a great time to give your website and social media profiles a facelift.  I love helping clients create a congruent message and social content. Did you launch that teleseminar or webinar, yet?

Your Relationships: Surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you- people who remind you of and reflect back your magnificence. In your communication with others, replace assumptions with inquiry, replace judgements with curiosity, and watch not only how good that feels, but how your connections deepen.  What can you do today to be a bright and inspiring light for others?

Your Daily Practices and Rituals: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit. I find a combination of yoga and meditation  along with a morning green smoothie to  be an energizing,  life affirming way to start the day.  For others it’s a run, a vigorous walk,  a swim, Zumba class,  or a bike ride.  Whatever it is, engrain positive, life affirming practices into your life daily.  Make gratitude your daily practice. What are you thankful for today?

Plant your  garden:  I find growing food to be one of the most nurturing, nourishing, essential, (and ancient) human practices.  Grow some edibles in pots or raised beds, or start a community garden if you don’t have the space.

What are you doing to refresh your life, your home, your business this spring? Would you take a few moments and leave a comment below? 

Wishing you all a splendid new cycle!