Ushering in the New Era

12.12.12 – 12. 21. 12

We’ve all heard it by now. Something big, unprecedented in human history is occurring right now! You can call it a leap in evolutionary consciousness, a new era,  a major download, upgrade or reboot or a grand experiment.

All that was is no MORE!

Whatever you call it, we are all in a profound personal shift ushering in a deeper collective alignment. A way of being in with ourselves as leaders, in our businesses and communities, a new era of engagement, transparency, no more hiding who you are, your truth. You matter and so does everyone else!

Many of my friends and colleagues are engaged in events around the world to usher in this new era. Here are just a few:


12-21-12 events around the world celebrating this powerful time of transition and transformation: Barbara Marx Hubbard and Shift Networks

Chris Deckker’s’ in Byron Bay (where Barbara is premiering her “Theater of the Future”) at the Chichen Itza Pyramid in the Yucatan with a  live netcast hosted by Caroline Casey and Don Miguel Ruiz.

There are several synchronized meditations happening, including sunrise ceremony and global peace moment on the 21st at 11:11 a.m. GMT (3:10 a.m. PST), and the Unification moment at . 8:00 pm GMT (12 noon PST).To track the many events happening around the world, synchronized meditations and live netcasts, see index websites and

Happy New Era!


How to make the most of these next days:

Forgive, forgive, forgive yourself and all others for any thought or action that was not in alignment with the truth of who you are.

Utilize every day to its utmost. Meditate. Be present. Pay attention to your soul. Listen to your heart. Be courageous and creative and stay away from your mind.

Engage in non-attachment and make no comparisons to any other. Your life, conducted by you, is the architect of a new world, your new world. It requires complete detachment from it’s former one.

Eat lightly– cleanse and free your body from toxins, alcohol, caffeine.

And most of all Be the love that you are!  Your Presence is the Greatest Gift!