The Evolution is On .. .Are You?

Luscious June Greetings to You!


With this auspicious year of 2012 nearly half complete, I know many of you have been on an exhilarating ride of SURRENDER & TRUST as you move (or are sometimes jerked) into more alignment with your purpose, vision, and passions.?

I certainly have been, and learning so much along the way. 

I recently returned from a 10-day Vipassana (silent) retreat -definitely the most transforming I’ve been on thus far. For those of you not familiar with Vipassana, it is a powerful meditation (mindfulness) practice, where in silence for 10 days, you focus on your  breathing and sensations throughout the body, while you remain absolutely still. (that’s the hardest part, yet once you move beyond the resistance (for me it took about 6 days into the retreat), deep, deep peace begins to emerge.  I literally felt the past burning away within. 

And I believe that’s what we are all doing in these times. Burning away the past. Seeing all divinely timed mis-takes.  Releasing, forgiving, embracing change, offering love and presence as we declare our shared visions.  Co-Creating and collaborating in our communities . . .and replacing all fear with love.

Set Peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it