Is your business social?

What IS a Social Business?

Social Businesses believe that the achievement of meaningful change and evolution must consider people and processes as well as technology and platforms.  It is NOT social media- rather it’s what I call Organizational Development 2.0.

The Difference Between Social Business and Social Media:

Social Media are the platforms and technologies that people use to communicate and create interactively, like Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, or YouTube. Most often social media refers to  the technologies that are used between a company and the public at large, but it could also refer to the platforms used inside a company to communicate in a more social and collaborative manner , ie. social learning platforms.

Social Business is what I like to call Organizational Development 2.0 –  the process and result of optimizing your internal business to take advantage of social media’s opportunities by putting processes and governance in place and applying social concepts and technology internally to enable collaboration, sharing, innovation, and open engagement. Social business can many encompass external social media, but it’s not a requirement. Technically, an organization can be a social business without engaging publicly in social media at all.

How to Build a Social Business

Vision & Goals:

Is there a guiding vision for why the company wants to become a social business and what they hope to achieve as a result?
Cultural Readiness:Is the organization’s mindset conducive to change and the more open and collaborative nature of social business?
Organizational Structure:Is the design of the business optimal for faster information flow and more distributed decision making? Are all the pivotal roles filled with the right people? Are there critical roles that don’t yet exist?
Social Strategy: Are there external and internal social strategies in place, and are they unified or integrated in some way?
Communication:Are there fluid communication processes in place and the infrastructure and tools available to support them?

Social Technologies:What systems are in place now, and are they consistent across the business? Are there needs gaps? How is due diligence and deployment being handled?
Training and Education: How is social business and social media education being designed and implemented throughout the organization?

Almost any area of a business can become the spark that ignites a social media initiative and turns it into the foundation for a social business plan.
But whether social business begins in marketing or customer service, or starts as a holistic and organization-wide initiative, there are specific areas that an organization will need to address and evaluate as part of shaping an overall plan.

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