The Time is Now. Retrain your Brain. Ignite your Vision!

It’s the new year and according to almost everybody, not just any new year ..

it’s 2012!- the long awaited for and anticipated year of great change, transformation and awakening ! 

There is so much information from various cultural/historical, and religious perspectives about what this year is going to be.  What I believe is going to most important this year is  RESILIENCE, i.e. the ability to adapt to  change quickly and with ease, the ability to be comfortable with not-knowing, while staying clearly focused on and in integrity with your intentions. Trust is a golden word for 2012.

Yes.  . .and what about GOALS?

From a neural programming standpoint, establishing a goal is different from achieving it.

To establish goals, you use the declarative, explicit part of your brain. Achieving goals, however, means changing your behavior, which involves an entirely separate brain region. Many psychologists, coaches, and facilitators familiar with NLP know that your brain becomes accustomed to certain patterns and if you don’t retrain your brain to release some of the patterns of thought (core beliefs)  that you have, you won’t be able to  release some of the behaviors that are responsible for your results. Instead,  all you’re going to do is gather more information supporting your current situation.

Fortunately, we can retrain the brain.

Here are 5 techniques that you can start TODAY to do just that:

TECHNIQUE 1:  Start by having a clear picture in your head of the biggest, boldest, most fulfilling life that you can imagine living. IMAGINE THIS:
YOU: A healthy, vibrant, joyful abundant being living in full integrity with your deepest desires, values, and soul purpose. Positively contributing to the well-being of your friends, family, communities, and our world!
What does this look like? How do you feel? Who are your co-creators, players, and collaborators? WHERE are you?

Now, write about who you are and what you’re doing in glorious detail, because you are there!

TECHINQUE 2:  Imagine it is December 31, 2012. Imagine you are looking back over the year 2012 and reflecting on all the wonderful, successful outcomes you had. See them. Touch them. Feel them. (It is through the power of emotion that we manifest our heart’s true desires.)

Now take pen (or computer) in hand and write yourself a letter describing everything that happened in 2012.

What do you have in your life on December 31, 2012, that you are grateful for?  Maybe a new job or career; your book published and on the best seller list,  you soul partner? Or  you may have a new home, a more stable financial situation, better health, a changed lifestyle where you spend are doing the things you really want to do. Whatever it is, write it down. Be specific. For instance, if it’s increased income say how much.

Now, take a look at each item and see decide what action steps you took during the year 2012 and when you took them that produced the wonderful outcomes you are enjoying. Write those actions in your 2012 calendar, indicating when they took place.  Examples: Final draft of book and publishing plan in hands of publisher August 1, 2012. Closed escrow on new home, April 30, 2012.

Now, put the letter away, and review it only when you feel you are off track, need to re-focus and be re-inspired.

TECHINQUE 3: Build Your Vision-Create a Vision Board
To force your brain to change, you’ve got to “create a bigger vision than you’ve got right now. ” You’ve got to BLOW it OUT! Setting goals is just one strategy in helping us focus. Intention and attention are the most powerful elements of manifestation

Having a daily visual reminder assists in reprogramming your brain.  Vision Boards keep you on track and on purpose with your dreams and declarations  by adding fuel to the flame of your deepest longings and desires.  I’ve been creating vision boards now for 7 years and leading Ignite Your Vision Board workshops in my community.  By utilizing Technique 1 or 2  above, you will have laid the groundwork for finding the visuals for your vision board (from magazines, old calendars, postcards, photos). There are many ways to lay out a Vision Board, all of which I teach in  my workshop.  Waking up every morning and looking at your Vision Board retrains the brain for what is possible! 

TECHNIQUE 4: Commit to your “inner-cise” every single day of every single week, no matter what by giving attention to  Self Care with daily meditation, yoga or  prayer.

Move your beautiful body with daily aeorbics, walks, marital arts, swimming, biking  ( the sky really is the limit).  And raise your own bar with  conscious nutrition. Keep your diet  akaline  and buy local, organic produce as much as possible. Start a community garden. Work to stop  GMO’s. Help others do the same.

Technique 5: To be happy, be with Happy People who Dare to Dream Together!

I believe we are all being called upon in  2012  to allow a new dream for ourselves and the world to emerge. It’s not enough to write out a short vision or list a particular goal. In order to step into the next greatest expression of your soul’s highest desires, we must dare to dream. We must allow a dream that already exists   deep in our souls to come to the front of your conscious awareness. So  ASK, LISTEN, and RECEIVE.

Happy New Era!