Earth Day, 2011- The Evolution is On – Are YOU?

It’s Spring, and there is, most assuredly,  something NEW in the air!

Life as we know it,  has changed. Many concur that we are in possibly the greatest paradigm shift in the history of human kind.

With EarthDay, 2011 upon us, what commitment can you make (in your personal practices, with your business, and in your communities)  to redirect the trajectory we are on?  I’d like to invite you to start by sharing your vision and making a comittment along with thousands of others at FourYears. GO.

The Evolution is On. . . Are You?

It’s happening with consciousness shifts, on-line communities, new paradigms for learning and education,  and mobile technologies that are allowing more innovation, mobility, connection and knowledge sharing than ever before.

We have the tools to Ignite the Spark- where are you directing your flame?

In loving honor of Gaia

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