Conscious Communication- 64 Days of Practice

About 8 years ago, I was introduced to  NVC (Non-Violent Communication), the teachings of M arshall Rosenberg.  I immediately resonated with his work, the presence and honesty it requires, and the amazing results.

Since then, I’ve completed  several 8-week courses, including a  week-long intensive with Marshall. I have adapted many of the NVC principles into my own entrepreneurship workshops and leadership seminars.

Non-violent communication (or compassionate communication), is a holistic, daily practice, based on the realization that as human beings, we all have needs.

Lack of connection, disagreements, confrontation, and “violence” are a result of not having our needs met. NVC teaches us how to express empathy for the needs of others while tuning into our own needs. It is very language specific- using very carefully chosen words that reflect self-responsibility, rather than blame. The work has been translated into more than 60 languages.

NVC requires presence, (turning off the ego-judgment in your head) and exceptional empathic listening, so that you can truly connect with whomever you are speaking with. The results are astounding. True dialog begins, misunderstanding are cleared, relationships heal. Personal integrity soars.

I just joined the 64-day movement to carry the vision in creating more love and peace in my personal life, my community, our world.

Will you join me in carrying the Vision? There’s still time to jump in.