What do YOU do for a living? Make A Change -Create a Movement

In one of my past blog posts on business models,  I cited Seth Godin and his book: Tribes- We Need You to Lead Us!

Tribes are everywhere,and thanks to the internet, we can find who and what we want to connect with:

Work tribes, community tribes, spiritual tribes ,Ukranian dancers. . .

According to Seth Godin, assembling tribes (not money and factories) can change the world.  You don’t need everyone. What you need is 1000 dedicated fans, true believers, supporters, doers, etc.  The hypnosis of mass-marketing no longer works. Leading and connecting people and ideas does.

What do “tribe” leaders have in common?

  • They challenge the status quo- who are you upsetting?
  • They are curious and build a culture- who are you connecting?
  • They commit to leading with unrelentless focus and passion

Get inspired- watch Seth Godin’s presentation from TED :

If you are feeling  a bit stuck or in transition, get our of your comfort zone, and do something! Just by taking the action (any action!) will unleash your potential, creativity, and attract others who want to get on board with you!

Find a  group or cause that is disconnected- organize and connect them. This is what you do for a living!

Start something that matters.


Do it.

We need it (and so do you!)

Not sure where to get started?  Contact me . . . 1, 2, 3,     GO!