Being Uncomfortable is, well, Uncomfortable

Summer is in full swing, yet admidst all the celebration, we can’t close our eyes to such unprecedented catastrophic events as the BP Oil Spill, unresponsive government and United Nations initiatives that are not functioning.

Most of us are aware that we as a civilization are on the brink of a huge shift-the old paradigms are collapsing.

Thanks to initiatives such as Transition Towns, Awakening the Dreamer, FourYearsGo, and thousands of organizations that are part of Paul Hawken’s Wiser Earth, communities are awakening and reclaiming their sovereignty with local food production, town hall meetings exploring alternatives to health care, crude oil, etc. and community educational and consciousness shifting opportunities that are bringing us back home to the common thread of our humanity.

The shifts and changes are uncomfortable for many , especially for those of us without strong family ties nearby, who have lost their j obs and homes,  or for those living in urban areas where the social fabric is often weaker.

So what can we do to help each other? Who do you know that may be feeling especially uncomfortable in these times?

Move beyond insular comfort. Expand your capacity for inclusivity.

Take the time to reach out and really be present with someone that you normally would not.
Enrolling people you trust and respect to help you and coach you is one of the best ways to navigate the unknown.

I am here to support you through your shifts and changes.

Are we embryos in a cosmic womb, or are we cells in a gigantic organism?
To turn our consciousness to this kind of speculation is to wrench
ourselves from the rust of millennia, from the habits of insular peoples & ideas.

We are trying to make a gigantic leap of faith – going
cosmic without ever having been there.

For do not doubt it folks, we are
being prepared for the biggest jump in history.

Jean Houston, Jumptime