Communicating Value

Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given”- Deepak Chopra

Earlier this spring, I accepted an invitation to attend PJ Van Hulle’s Prosperity Summit. It was just what I needed- an investment in myself and learning alongside 300+ motivated and committed entrepreneurs.

One of the many treasures from the summit that I left with was a deeper understanding of the concept and practice of offering VALUE. Another was focusing on asking “How can I help YOU?” in conversations with other business owners and leaders.

It’s true that most people and companies prefer to do business with people they know and have a trusted relationship with. But relationship-driven business is NOT enough. Your business needs to be “value driven”. Having clients clearly perceive the value they’re getting from working with you is imperative.

So how DO YOU communicate VALUE to your clients?

1. Make your clients’ needs more important than yours. How often have you encountered someone who is SELLING you the features or services of their business without taking a moment to ask:

Who are you? What do you need? How can I help? If you weave these three beginning “value-driven” questions, into your conversations, you will surely create a connection and evoke curiosity with an invitation to  “tell me more.”

2. Put your attention on your client’s satisfaction and fulfillment. Go beyond what you promised by exceeding expectations. Business Coach, Venture Capitalist, Bill Walsh says “Provide your client with 10 times the value of the product or service that she/he has paid for.” This IS value, and the result will most assuredly be repeat business and referrals.

3. Creating value, creates capital. What will your time, experience and resources bring to your client? This is the beginning of developing your VALUE statement. What is the value you put on your time, experience and resources?

4. Remember: Selling is Service- Take the time to find out what your clients’ needs are rather than forcing your agenda upon them. Selling comes from honesty, integrity, compassion, confidence, and the sincere desire to serve. Make the experience of doing business with you a privilege and pleasurable experience. And make it easy for your clients to refer you to others.

5. Be an expert and coach to your clients. In my many years as a presenter, trainer, and facilitator, I learned that one of best ways to provide value is through “consultative sales”- educating, coaching and consulting clients. Becoming your clients’ trusted expert and possibly even mentor, will ensure a sustainable relationship built on trust, service and value!