Awakening Entrepreneurs™ & the “Slow Money” Movement

lavenderThe Slow Money movement had their first national conference in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago.  Over 400 people from around the country showed up to discuss the concepts around slow money, slow food and small, local farms.

The slow money movement has its roots in local, organic and sustainable farming.  But it is part of a broader trend towards creating and supporting local economies and businesses. Read  more in Business Week and Wall Street Journal .

Slow Money is said to be a  new economic vision. Or is it  the reinvention of a system that once functioned?  I see it as a re-emergence of investors, donors, farmers, and activists committed to building local economies starting with the soil of the economy. FOOD! Some “experts”  refer to this as the “nurture capital” industry.” I call it Natural Capital.

I’ll be attending the Economics of Peace Conference, Oct. 18-23 in Sonoma, CA. This conference will be showcase some of the most successful and inspiring examples of economic models that value people and planet before profit. Looking forward to meeting leading thought leaders and hearing their views on collaborative businsess practices and innovative exchange systems for Transforming Money, Rebuilding Community, Redefining Wealth. Featured speakers include: Judy Wickes, (founder of BALLE),  Jacob Needleman, James K. Galbraith, San Keen, Fred Freuddlich & Mikel Lezamiz (Mondragon Cooperative), US Rep. Lynne Woolsey, et al. Still investigating whether conference planners will be livestreaming.