The energy of complaining

In an earlier post this week, I cited the Oprah/Tolle webcast “dialogs”.

There’s a wonderful exercise that came out of last night’s webcast- about complaining.

Make a running list of all of your complaints or complaining thoughts for a week, and observe where that voice is coming from. It’s not you, just your egoic conditioning – according to Eckert Tolle, the true You is the one observing what your mind is doing.

Now, isn’t that interesting?

Another exercise that I have applied in the past to help me break negative thought patterns is to wear a rubber band around my wrist- everytime I have a complaining thought, I snap it- hard!

Seeing and feeling the sting helps bring me back to the present moment, and away from these negative thought patterns quickly. It feels so good to be present.

Finding stillness within is about being grateful