The New Entrepreneur


© Sheryl R. Sever (Coach Shera)

There is a profound change coursing through our cosmos, our world, and our very beings in these times. Although not under the radar of the mainstream media, change and reinvention are occurring throughout governments, corporations, small businesses, communities, families, and even in our individual daily practices. Business as usual is out- Innovation, collaboration, and revolutionary impact are in!


Nearly 10 years ago, one of my mentors,
William Bridges, International Change Consultant, introduced the then, ground-breaking concept of You and Co., in his best-selling book by the same title.

Bridges declared that the “job” is obsolete, and that it’s essential re-position ourselves in order to function and thrive in an economy and workforce that continues to shift and depend more and more on outsourcing and consulting experts. Now in 2007, Bridge’s predictions have ripened, with an encouraging emphasis placed on non-linear leadership paradigms, community building, local economic development, and sustainability. The US Bureau of Statistics reveals that by 2010, approximately 40% of the US population will be self-employed or small business owners.

I rejoiced when I heard this. My career as an organizational consultant in over a dozen industries was finally affirmed and acknowledged. I wasn’t an oddity! According to Tom Peters, International Management Consultant, I was a PSF (Professional Services Firm), a talented non-conformist, and interesting. I was a company. WOW!


Starting one’s own business may be an attractive career choice, particularly if you are ready and willing to transform a long-held passion into income, run an extra mile (or two) and creatively package your varied resources, abilities, talents, and knowledge. Not for the weak of heart, or for those simply longing for independence and freedom, owning a business is for those who are comfortable with the unknown and risk-taking, have done their research, and possess certain qualities that set them apart.


Are you thinking about starting your own business or taking an existing business to the next level? Are you ready to excavate a buried dream? Take a look at my Qualities of the New Entrepreneur and ask yourself if you have what it takes.

1. Passionate and driven to transform dreams and ideas into reality – loves what she does and knows what she stands for. Think about the energy of passion. It is a natural attractor.The New Entrepreneur inspires her customers with a passionate declaration that offers creative solutions to her customers needs.

2. Goal Oriented – has a short- and long-term strategic plan. The New Entrepreneur is FOCUSED (period)

3. Self-Confident and Optimistic – practices the principles of the “Law of Attraction.” Science and consciousness are merging. In the release of ” ( , we are reminded that every thought vibrates and radiates a signal, thereby attracting a matching signal back. Thoughts come from feelings. The New Entrepreneur puts her attention on “what feels good”, holding herself consistent with her intention in order to bring about the desired manifestation.

4. Creates a budget with well-researched operational costs from which she makes realistic financial projections.

5. Maintains work/life balance and asks for support from other “experts”. The time of the lone wolf is over.

6. Realizes the value of partnerships and the necessity of environmental sustainability; builds these elements into her business plan.

7. Life-long learner – thrives on change and keeps current with trends in her industry.

8. Approaches obstacles as opportunities.

9. Committed to and grows though helping others. Knows the value by “giving-back”.

10. Creates a business plan and develops marketing strategies with her coach.


So what’s next? Start thinking of yourself as a business, now! How will you position YOU, Inc.! (your product, service, skills, and knowledge? Whether you are looking for work or currently employed full-time, planning to start your own business, buy a franchise, or offer consulting services, your skills and talents are a product or service to be offered and received. Assess what you truly value. Translate these values into offerings. Ask yourself: How can I help? How can I make a difference?

There are over 80 new start-ups born each day. 79 of them are unprepared.
Entrepreneur Magazine Best Businesses to launch in 2007 include:
Specialty Food Businesses (Wine, Chocolate, Organic Foods, Dessert Restaurants,) Alternative Energy and Green Products, Specialty Apparel, Senior Transition Services, Virtual Economies, Nanotechnology, Media Storage, Baby-Boomer Career Counseling and Financial Planning, Teen Party Planning (by and for teens), Kid’s Businesses and Home Parties.

First published OPEN EXCHANGE , January,07